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Amidst the chaos that has been my life of late, this particular comic was extremely hard to do.  I had not less than three full versions of scripts for this one.  It started off with the ladies being upset at the boys and having found out about their wild weekend, but that just didn’t seem right.  So I set about re-writing it and coming up with the angle that launches Lily out of Bud’s life for the next decade or so (they get married in 1987 according to Old Bud).  Then I drew that version of the script and absolutely hated the way it looked.  There was a pencil sketch of the first draft in the Member’s area for a while.  I even started to ink that version, but with every frame I inked, my hatred of the poses and drawing grew worse until I finally said fuck-it and completely re-organized the comic… AGAIN!  I took the past week to slowly draw this comic; doing so in between visits to the hospital and getting the family organized for summer.  As I did, I began to like what I was seeing.

This lead to inspiring me to finish the final page of this story.  It is now scripted and sketched on paper.  I rough each comic on paper since I do full page comics now.  So, I really like the final page and will draw it this week and post it next Monday, barring any more emergencies (and I sure as hell hope they’re done for a while).

Then it will be Summer Vacation for the comic.  It will come back Monday, August 1st.  I will have a HUGE announcement concerning the future of the comic at that point… one I think you all will like.

In the meantime, enjoy your “Summer In The City” and keep good notes of your summer vacation so we can compare in August when we reassemble for the next leg of the 1977 saga!  See you then and take care gang.