Yes, it’s the Return of Lily and Rose.  Been a while, and this reunion is not starting off on the right foot.

I really went all out on the page composition today. It just hit me from the very start how I wanted it to look.  Weird how that happens.  For a full view of the background plate, click the thumbnail to the left.  Yep, no tires on the car as who would see them?  As you can tell, it takes a bit of back and forth to figure what goes where, but this is essentially how I roughed out this comic.  Nailed it the first time.

New to this storyline? Over there in the right side-bar is a link to the first page of this story.  The thumbnail of this story’s cover.  Read from the beginning and enjoy!

Also, if you’re new to the comic, you may  not know why Bud’s car is a hand-made convertible.  You can find that comic by clicking the comic’s thumbnail below.  They were heading to California and Robyn wanted to go in a convertible, especially since Jeff’s convertible Firebird had just blown up.

A lot of new people joining the site, so lots of things to catch up on!  Book orders go out this weekend.  I’m sketching each commission then inking them in the order I received them.  Yours is coming soon!  Family time with Spring Break and the Easter Weekend ate some of my time, plus a had a brochure to design for a client.  Silly customers wanting stuff done on time.  Man…

Two more pages then we hit a new story! Stay tooned…

How about a little Supertramp for your Monday.  This was my theme song for a while there in the late 70s… “Some they will some they won’t and with some it’s just as well.”  “Breakfast in America” was their best album IMO.