Amen, Bud. Not that we men are any easier to figure out sometimes.  But, I did have a girl slam a door on me in a very similar fashion once.  She cheats on me and *I* get thrown out the door.  What?

Tax day AND my 29th freakin’ wedding anniversary. How many of you were born AFTER I got married let alone those glory days of 1977?  Eh?  I see you… put your hands down, you’re not in school anymore.  Yep, 29 years.  Long frakkin’ road but I still have my hair, so I’m doing something right.  It’s the Mountain Dew.

Speaking of “Dreams”, let’s do a little Molly Hatchet today. If you’re taxes aren’t done, stop dreaming and get them done.  For the rest of you, take a hint from me and go live your dreams, we’re not getting any younger.  Doing this comic and starting my drawing career has been the best thing I’ve ever done besides have three sons.  Though some days I wonder why…