We must have our priorities, am I right men?  Yes!

For you new folks (and welcome to the party pal!) I’ll quickly remind you that Bud is based a lot on me.  Today’s comic is for the most part true.  Yes, I was given a credit card by an older woman I was dating, yes I did fill up her car and get it washed with the bonus that I could by myself something “nice” on her credit card, and yes, I did buy an album… a double album.  She was greatly surprised that I did not take advantage of the situation, but she really thought I needed a suit.  Hint to you women: just f**king tell us what to do… we’re men, we don’t think that way.

It was a grand time none the less.

Today’s Comic Trivia: Bud’s cougar is named Maureen and she is speaking to her friend June today.  Well, I named Maureen for the mother in the 60s TV series “Lost In Space”.  Maureen Robinson was the mother to that brat Will who always seemed to be in danger.  Anyway, the actress who portrayed Mrs. Robinson was the one and only June Lockhart.  Now, when I was 8 years old when “Lost in Space” premiered, I had my first childhood crush on Ms. Lockhart.  All the other boys pined after the Robot, I was hooked by Mrs. Robinson.  One more piece of trivia for you: June’s daughter Anne would play Sheba in the original “Battlestar Galactica”.

Thank you to all who have purchased commissions and Memberships in the past week! The Sunny Acres bonus comics should start this week depending on my schedule.  I am doing a ton of commissions at the moment, and I want to get them started and/or finished this week too.

If you missed what I’m talking about, hit the “previous” button up there and go back one comic.  Surprise!

So, what album DID I buy?  Well, it was the other big multi-record album in 1977… that being “Out of the Blue” from Electric Light Orchestra.  I know the opinions of many of you about ELO, but hey, it was an impulse buy.  Great album regardless of your opinion of them and it sold a ton.  Enjoy!