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Don’t you hate it when someone one-ups you in the storytelling department?  Not what you expected?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I know there are a lot of Robyn fans having to go fan themselves off about now.  I’m going to leave the rest to your imaginations… better that way.

Oh, yes, that is the same crook that held up Bud at Jenkins Record store two years ago.  Small towns only have so many thieves, so he’s out on bail and gets clobbered… apparently for good this time. Note the flowers on his chest.  A nice cartoon gimmick if there ever was one!

A little Fleetwood Mac for your Monday.  From the first album with Buckingham/Nicks on board and the best line-up for sure they’ve ever  had.  This album is actually better than “Rumours” but not as popular.  It ends with “I’m So Afraid” which has a haunting guitar solo at the end by Buckingham, a very under rated guitarist who could make a lot of noise as the only guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, especially live.  So, a little “Say You Love Me” to get your week started.  It will help Robyn, it seems…