Seems Lily may be wanting to get back together with Bud after having to leave for Hawaii with her mom. We’ll have to see as this story progresses. I always enjoy doing a page with no dialog. The challenge of emoting a character’s feelings with no dialog is cool to do now and then.

Now, since my birthday just 10 days ago, life got REALLY busy for me, and in a good way for once. The following image will help explain what I mean.

I had to finish constructing a new workstation desk for my client the City of DeKalb. Thought I had it done when I realized I had forgotten to install the sliders for the keyboards. Plus, I didn’t like the original finish on the top, so I decided to laminate it. The end product turned out well! Then as I soon as I finished it, I had to take it to my client’s office and install it along with all the equipment. Finally finished it up the install this past Monday! Lots of work, but fun to build stuff again. I’m not a great carpenter, but I can usually do a decent job when I apply myself. 

Since the comic has no dialog, here’s one of my favorite Alan Parsons Project instrumentals from 1977’s “I Robot”. Parsons inspired me to want to be a recording engineer, but I found it rather boring to learn all the math required to be a real engineer, so I stuck with just playing music. 🙂