Okay, you’re gonna ask “What the f**k, Byron? Is this what we get for all our waiting?” And the answer is NO. But let me enlighten you.

I have not been able to draw for nearly FOUR months now due to the demons associated with my depression. I tried to start in early January, but my holiday chest infection and a road trip to my son’s college wore me out, and the demons took over my head. Today’s comic, even though just a pencil sketch at the moment (I will finish it tomorrow), is like a blind man being able to see again. Not to be melodramatic, but that’s how it felt when I finally started to draw this page. Once I got going, everything started to feel good again. 

So, yes, I’ll get two pages done here this week. BUT… the good thing is I am drawing. Demons are hard to fight, but we do win. And now that the creativity has been ignited, all rockets are firing again. I’m not up to 100%, but I feel good. Be patient, we’ll get this motor running much better in short order.


A long time ago (for us at least), Bud and Jeff dated Rose and Lily Peterson. Rose being Lily’s mother. They were transferred to Hawaii at the end of the “School Days” story, and we’ve not heard of them since. They’re back, and they are back for a reason, which you’ll see at some point here in this story. These first two pages set up the “Taking On New York” story. Note the date on the news story about Bud. Dates will be important in this story. Hint.

Not from 1977, but close enough. ELO’s “A New World Record” album was a great album with a ton of excellent songs on it. The rocker that sticks out is “Do Ya”. That song is subtle hint of what’s coming for Lily and Bud.