Welcome to Thursday!  Told you I’d be here.  Count on it to continue.

Lorraine… a nun?  Parish the thought.  Ha!  I crack me up…  I worked for a rehabilitation center in the 80s that was run by a “Nunery” (as I like to call Convents).  St. Francis Sisters, I believe.  They were a fun bunch to hang around.  I am not Catholic (by any stretch of the imagination) and I was not uneasy around them… they were just other folks I worked with.  They could party too… as only Nuns can.  So they enjoyed me a ton.

More on Monday as we unravel Bud’s and the gang’s history which will lead up to Bud telling a story that takes us back to 1977.  We’ll get there in time, trust me.

I like a variety of music and this song by Finger Eleven comes up on my iTunes playlist a lot.  Great song to draw by.  And Lorraine is a Paralyzer at any age.  Enjoy!