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The farts fizzle, so call in the back-up. Actually you’ll find out in the next page that this was the plan all along. But what happens to the Mild Kingdom guys? Find out next week as the last page of “The Hunt” posts. Then on to the Rescue!

Rough week last week. Did a lot of pushing myself to get things going for my illustration company. Worked hard on the website and prepared my GoFundMe campaign. But by Thursday, the demons were fighting back pretty hard. I was a mess Friday morning, but some shit went my way (finally) in the afternoon and things finally lightened by Saturday morning. This fighting the depression is a bitch, but I’m more aware of what’s happening and I think I’m able to combat it a tad better, and quicker. I think in the past a bout like this would have set me back days if not weeks. So that’s an improvement. Small steps. 

OH! And I can’t forget this page was inked by Liz Staley. Liz creates her own comic as well as writing successful Manga Studio tutorial books. Find her Manga Studio Tutorials on Patreon.


Click here to go to GoFundMe

Click here to go to GoFundMe

I am running a GoFundMe campaign to fund my airline ticket to Manila! I’ve been invited to speak on two different topics, plus they’re providing me a table at no cost, as well as paying for my hotel and food.

The only catch: I just have to get there!

Flying to the Philippines isn’t cheap, and takes about 21 hours of flying time. Find my GoFundMe page here. 

I only have three Fleetwood Mac albums and only know the classic “Rumours” line-up. Stevie Nicks seems to get all the lime-light, but I think Christie McVie is far more talented and a better singer than Nicks. I generally skip the Nicks’ songs and will always end up on a McVie’s songs. I was looking for more of a rocker tune for today, but the title of this song from 1975 hits it on the… head.