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I’ll have the comic colored in the next day or so. I have been up and down with my depression, especially just after Thanksgiving. And I’m really behind on a lot of work, including commissions. This week is dedicated to getting that done so I can wrap up this story next week, and then announce what’s new for 2016.

Haven’t seen Old Bud and his daughter since 2011. About time we brought them back. If you’re familiar with Old Bud, check out the “1977 Again” story as it sets the stage for what’s been going on for a while now. Plus, I’ll be doing the New York Blackout story starting in 2016 and that’s hinted at in the “1977 Again” story. 🙂

Traveling Wilburys count as every member has a ’70s tie-ins. Love Roy Orbison’s voice.