We’ll have to see how dinner goes on Monday… I think Robyn will catch on sooner than later.

I’m really sick again.  My ear infections of a couple weeks ago have returned in earnest and it makes life difficult to do while your head is spinning around.  Makes eating a joy too.  Plus, I’ve been very busy taking my wife to doctor appointments as well (not ready to chat about that yet, but it’s not great news), so I’ve run myself down.  I know some folks get irritated when I post the sketch and not the finished product, but I thought it better to have something then nothing.  I don’t mind the pencils.  Anyway, finished inks/colors tomorrow.

Badfinger’s “No Matter What” *always* gets me going.  Love this song.  From the very first chord, I know this song.  Great group who’s history was filled with all types of stuff.