Poco has arrived! Perhaps Poco can help Budette in her quest to make the Mystic Frog happy again. Time will tell. Don’t know who Poco is? He’s one of Jeff’s pets and he was introduced in the very first month of the comic back in January of 2008, which is when you learned of Poco’s love for bananas and that “He’s harmless except around bananas.” Check it out here if your feeling saucy. Man, has my style changed since 2008! I cringe looking at those old comics these days.

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Trivia for the day: I have drawn Bud as Budette with blue tops since 2009. He’s a guy transformed into a woman, so to keep track of his masculine side, Bud wears blue tops. Now, the very first time I drew Buddette, it was a yellow top, but since 2009, Budette has been shown in blue tops.

Double entendre with the song of the day as I picked The Crickets’ “Oh Boy!”. I know, this is not from the ’70s, but Bud is named after Buddy Holly’s real name of Charles (it’s in the archives at the beginning of the “Lost Weekend” story). So, it fits on so many levels. Dig it, man. 🙂