Take away the women, and this story is basically true for me.  In a nutshell… my freshman year in college, my parents moved basically across town.  I came home at Christmas, got drunk and came  home to the WRONG house.  My dad was notorious for shutting off the electric garage door opener to force you in the front door, where he’d be waiting for you.  I got home, the garage door wouldn’t open and the lights were off! I stormed up to the front door, started pounding on it and about the third knock I realized I no longer lived at this house.  I ran so fast to my car, spun out down the road and didn’t turn on my lights so they couldn’t get my plate number.  I probably scared the crap out of these folks, but hey, that’s what they get buying a house from my family!

Today’s song if from the Fleetwood Mac album of 1975 and was the first one with Buckingham/Nicks on board.  I love this opening tune, and it fits well enough.