Oh, watch out, Lorraine’s taking control of the show.Β  Should be interesting.Β  She certainly has the assets to motivate people… (Edit: Please note Bud’s watch is pointing to 4:20… think of the angle of his wrist and you’ll see I got it right. πŸ™‚ )

Okay, had to toss in a whole bunch of spy references in this one.Β  From Archer to Bond, I cover a number ofΒ  them.Β  This page was scripted as Jeff and Bud bitching friendly at each other in the jail cell until Lorraine comes to bail them out, but we had so much fun with the Man from U.N.C.L.E. stuff last week (thus the B.U.D. acronym), I was inspired to re-write this page.Β  I started coloring it using only gray tones (a real pain in the ass) and suddenly had that “DOH!” moment and realized Photoshop can convert it to B&W for me.Β  Love Photoshop… say no more.

So, I’m pulling out the original TV Theme, not the one from the movies.Β  Movies were fine, if you like Tom Cruise and over the top effects.Β  I’m not a Cruise fan, but did at least see the first film.