I could have used “Love Potion Number 9” by the Searchers, but I push my luck using ’70s song titles let alone golden oldies from the early ’60s.  Google it…

Things never go as planned for Jeff it seems.  Maybe it’s all the pot.  Toon in Friday for his final plan, which is… unique.  (Well, hopefully)

Inks and colors later today.  I’m still getting caught up on these commissions.

In late 1976, McCartney released a three record live album called “Wings Over America” which was recorded on his big American tour.  HUGE freakin’ fold out album with a poster and all types of illustrations.  Sir Paul re-released “Maybe I’m Amazed” in this live form and it went  up the charts again.  Paul could fart into a microphone, put a snappy bass line to it and it’d sell back then.  And I would  have bought it too.  I didn’t give up on Paul until a little later in the ’70s when I realized he’d fizzled out.  His best solo album was “Ram” in 1971, though “Band on the Run” is a very close second.