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So, has Bud been dreaming all along? If so, then you may shoot me as a comic writer, as that’s the oldest stunt in the book. And a very cruel one at that. The TV show “Dallas” wrote off an entire season as a dream due to some sort of casting issues. What a scam. Anyway, we’ll see where this leads on Friday. Two comics this week, but with the holiday weekend in there, I’m posting on Tuesday and Friday.

I have always subconsciously paired Bud and Lorraine together, but we know they don’t have sex until much, much later. So I wanted to purposely have Bud and Robyn interact in this story line, and it seems they may interact MORE than we all bargained for.

Black Sabbath’s “Masters Of Reality” was there only Top Ten album here in the USA until their last album “13”. The one song that always stands out for me is “Sweat Leaf” as I think it epitomizes the Sabbath sound. Plus, who hasn’t choked on a joint like Iommi did at the beginning of the song? Yeah, you’re lying if you said no. 🙂

Due to popular demand, here’s the Monty Python skit you all are referencing. Right!