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Who is that “Man in the Wilderness”?Β We’ll find out next week, but a point in his favor is he’s wearing a Sarong with pot leaves on it. And apparently, tag… you’re it, as he’s found Bud. Nearly done with the Hemp Island story! (Liz will do the inks today and I’ll have this colored tomorrow sometime)

I had this drawn last week, but the events in Paris really bummed me out, and our country’s reaction to it bummed me out even more. So, I was set back a few days trying to deal with it all in my head. Plus, I’ve been busy with some new business too, so that’s a good thing. I changed the look of the native like three times before finally settling on this look. And I know, he did not have on a flower leiΒ in his last appearance. I’m allowed to change things when the mood hits me. Good to be the King. πŸ™‚

Here’s an album track of 1977’s “The Grand Illusion” by Styx. A slow Tommy Shaw rocker that builds up by the end. As a rule, I’m not into slower rock songs, especially while drawing. I have to maintain a certain rhythm or I lose my motivation. But this title fit today perfectly, so I went with it.