We start Bud’s story of Plan 9’s lost weekend and how they end up wanted by the FBI.  This film noir cover is based on “The Lost Weekend” which is a 1945 film directed by Billy Wilder and starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman (a former Mrs. Ronald Regan).  I occasionally get the motivation to draw noir comic style and if I had more time I’d do more of these type drawings.

Some catch up business today!  The winner of “What’s Bud’s Name?” contest is Vince LoGreco with his entry of “Charles Hardin Chambers”.  Now, what won it was his reason WHY… Charles Hardin was Buddy Holly’s real name, thus the Chambers family would soon start calling their only son by Holly’s pseudonym as Buddy Holly and the Crickets gained national fame later in 1957 (the year Bud was born).  Not only am I a Buddy Holly fan (come on, who isn’t?) but thought that was a cool background for Bud’s name.  So, look for Vince as an FBI agent coming up soon!

The original developer for the 1977 iPad/iPhone App was unable to finish it so I have contracted a new company and they are working on it presently.  Starting from scratch with this company, it will be a month or so before it is ready.  You members will get the initial App for free as promised.

Computer Upgrades: One very generous reader gave me a significant push earlier in the Spring toward my PC upgrade but it wasn’t enough for a full blown system, so I have put the money to good use by upgrading my monitor and WACOM tablet (the device I use to draw the comic with).  My aging eyes needed the larger monitor and it is wonderful, and the new tablet is larger as well and does some great things to help my drawing process.  So, this Christmas season I shall look at another way to raise the funds for a new PC tower as this one is making all types of noises for sure!

Your Help Paid for These Upgrades!

Speaking of Buddy Holly, how about a little “That’ll Be The Day” from 1957.  It’s amazing the influence Holly had on rock and roll in his shortened career.  I can only imagine the great works he would have created had he lived.  If you love rock, then you gotta tip your hat to Holly, plain and simple.