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Yeah, so much for the plane. Plus their food and clothes. Now things may get interesting.

When I started writing this story, I looked at adding elements from various TV shows and movies about castaways. The obvious choice for me is “Gilligan’s Island” as I grew up watching the originals on TV (in glorious B&W). In the first few episodes of “Gilligan’s Island” you actually see them make the move from the wrecked boat, the Minnow,Β to their huts. The Minnow is completely destroyed in one episode, and in another episode, Gilligan accidentally destroys their rations with a… flare gun. The original plot for “Gilligan’s Island” was to have them find an old WWII submarine abandoned near the island, which would provide them stuff they could use like generators and lights. Instead, they just said “fuck it” and just did whatever they wanted. In typical ’60s fashion, the show made very little sense and did not attempt to follow any form of reality at all. Why else does the Skipper never lose any weight after three years on the island?

I won’t be going too deep into “Gilligan’s Island” as the show was just too silly, but I may bring in references from other movies or TV shows. Stay sharp.

So, why not use the Doors’ “Light My Fire” for today’s song? Makes perfect sense. I had to use the single version as the album version’s extended organ solo drives me NUTS! Ugh. But, thank the music gods for the AM version. πŸ™‚