A little something for the ladies… both those in the comic and those reading it.Β  Pool boy was modeled after me back in 1977… wait, why are you laughing? Man…


In 1978 Joe Walsh released a 9 minute masterpiece called “Life’s Been Good”Β  I like the song for its references to the music industry as well as two of the lyrics.Β  One, Joe sings “Every say I’m cool.” And the background vocals respond “He’s cool.”Β  And two, the infamous line “I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.”Β  Love that one, as it hits the proverbial nail on the head.

Oh, and if some of the inking and coloring seems a bit, oh… blurry, it’s because a client of mine invited me out to their fund raiser last night and offered me free beers.Β  Downed four glasses before I went “Man, I gotta finish the comic tonight!”Β  Came home real happy.

Have a great weekend! There will be a comic Monday regardless of what Columbus did.Β  Comedy knows no holidays… only drunken artist days!