Oh what wicked tales do I weave now?  Is that the same type hat Robyn is wearing in current times?  Oh my…  And never, ever mess with guys in jail who are wearing ABBA shirts.  They are mean SOBs.  And boxer shorts?  Holy crap! All types of stuff flying around in this story!  Hang on, it’s heating up quickly.

Oh, CLICK HERE to see that comic where Lorraine starts her “kissing fund”.

One of the things I like about telling the 1977 stories from Old Bud’s perspective is this type of interaction I can have.  The daughter commenting and being able to zip through some boring story stuff in a nice, fun fashion.

As for today’s song, I don’t often get on my soap box about a rock group, but as a die-hard Fanny fan, I on occasion have to bring them up.  Yes, yes, they were the first all female rock band (edit: signed to a major record label) … but that’s not why I like them (though it helped).  This band rocked your socks off.  They were great musicians, great writers and even nicer people.  I’ve gotten to know 3 of the 4 ladies of Fanny pretty well, and I can say they’re all really cool people.  Wish I had known them 30 years ago… I never got a chance to see them live back in the day.  Anyway, go to iTunes and sample their stuff.  Go to their website, I designed it for them (be kind, I’m easily scarred).  Better yet, love their music like I do.  It’s that damn good.