I didn’t know what a rubber was  until my Freshman year at ISU.  My mother, being a Registered Nurse, used only “proper” terms for “things” on or about your body, so most slang went right on by me until college.  My Dad, being a Navy man, taught me other words… many of them only four letters, so I had that going for me.

Steve Miller Band’s 1977 album “Book of Dreams” was his TENTH album in as many years.  It spawned a few Top 40 hits but most know “Jet Airliner” right off the bat.  I immediately know if you’re listening to the album version or the single version the very first time Steve starts to sing.  On the album, they left in the HUGE gulps of air Steve took before each line.  On the single version these were cut out.  Why the hell they were left on the album is beyond me as they stick out like sore thumbs.  The other change was editing in the word “kicks” for “shit” in the lyrics.  AM radio was not ready for some “funky shit” going down it seems.