Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.  First Bud and Lorraine had sex, then we saw Bud’s drugs of today and finally some rock and roll!  But the yet unnamed daughter is correct to have a bad feeling about them playing.  More on Monday.

I’ve been near death ill this week.  I have had a nasty head cold that settle in both ears causing some infections and big time dizzy spells.  As such, I’m NOT at the Toronto Fan Expo convention this weekend.  I’ll instead be sitting around my house trying to keep my lunch down.  It is NOT easy to draw a comic while dizzy.  Of course I had to have a busy comic this time too with a full group shot in the end frame.  Considering my eyes are crossed most of the time at the moment, this one is not too bad.


The Stones say it best… “It’s Only Rock and Roll… But I Like It”  Rock.