This week, I moved 1977 to a new host (Dream Host for the curious).  At this point in time, the comic site has over 400 comic posts and well over 5500 comments.  Add in all the attachments, etc., and you’ve got yourself one whale of a job when moving the site.  With WordPress/ComicPress sites, there’s also all the plug-ins, widgets and the CSS modifications to take care of as well.  So, getting the site situated on the new host proved time consuming in a week where I had little spare time as it was.

So, Lorraine now will be cutting some hair.  We’ll see how her natural attraction to trouble works out for her co-workers and customers!  I see a few things coming, don’t you?

Ah, AC/DC.  I am a big fan of the Bon Scott era of the band, but still enjoy Brian Johnson’s helm at lead vocals.  But Scott’s era of the band coincided with my years of debauchery in the late 70s, so naturally I am drawn to his songs with the band.  Today’s comic title rings true with not only Lorraine, but the entire gang.  They have a long way to go yet, as does 1977 the Comic.  So, click play, read the comic and enjoy your weekend!