One more time, with gusto… It was…Okay, one more than back to the 1977 time line.

My kids ask me why I acted the way I did back in the day and my usual reply is “It was the 70s.” Like that’s an excuse for being drunk/high all the time for most of 1977.Β  But, it was a glorious time to be young and stupid, and I fit the bill perfectly.

Each generation has its own tale… the 60s were just freaky, the 50s were too cool with all the cars and trouble young folks got into.Β  We in the 70s just happen to have had sex, drugs and rock and roll on our side.Β  Today, you kids have all these fancy STDs to deal with.Β  We had free clinics.


No song in the title because, well, we’re not in 1977 anymore Toto… and I couldn’t comeΒ  up with one that fit.