Well, like George Lucas himself, I finished this comic, then decided I wanted to “improve” it by adding some “special effects” and re-releasing it.  But being as I didn’t want to wait 20 years to post a newer version of this comic, I have posted the “new” version here, and the “original” at my deviantART page, which you can find by clicking  here.

My feeling was that in the original, you did not get (readily) that Bud and Jeff in the 2nd and 3rd frames were being viewed from the ladies “warped” point of view.  The version here I think clearly hits you that they are being viewed by “purple haze” eyes.  I also love the shadow effect in the 4th frame.

But, you be the judge and let me know which you like.  Point of view is very hard to show sometimes in comics.  It’s easy with video, you just lower the camera, add a fisheye lens, take it off the tripod, add some blurring effects and BINGO! you have someone who’s high showing you what they see.

What do I know, I’m just a cartoonist! 🙂  I love this one either way.