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It’s been a very busy couple weeks for me. I did the annual Valentine’s Day pin-up plus a bonus comic last Thursday (back up one comic if you missed it), plus I’m coloring pages for Liz Staley’s “Adrastus” comic as well as I picked up a nice gig drawing cards for a game in development (can’t talk about that much yet). So, in the next day or so, I’ll finish up this page with inks and colors. I prefer giving you something on-time as opposed to making you wait until the final product is done.

Grand Funk Railroad’s “Closer To Home/I’m Your Captain” was a bit of change up in their typical songs when it was released. Being a power trio, Grand Funk just blasted out songs that could be reproduced fairly easily in-concert. But this track was a far cry from that, with strings and lots of over-dubs. Still one of my favorite songs from them. And another favorite of DJ’s of the time as it clocked in at 10 minutes long, more than enough time to light one up. 🙂

And we’ll have to see what happens to our two pilots as they had out to sea in search of a rescue. It may not be pretty.