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Ah, Bud, the times have indeed changed!  You kids today have all types of pharmaceutical delights to ingest.  Man, all we had were good ol’ illegal drugs.  I think the drug companies finally got smart and knew where the REAL money was.  But I digress…

More tiny hints today. (Oh, and please tell me you people know what TSA scanners are… if not, please Google it)  But this one I’ll let out of the bag: It’s a hint to Bud’s real name.  Yes, I picked a winner for the Name Bud contest and you’ll get that on Thursday!

Okay, Plan 9 has 5 albums ranked worse than theirs in the history of 70s rock and roll.  WHICH FIVE ARE THEY?  You tell me!  Below is a handy dandy little form that will allow you to submit your Top Five bad albums of the 70s.  Not alive in the 70s?  Well, then it sucks to be you.   No, no, just kidding!  Go to iTunes or something and take a listen, there’s LOTS of titles that are real stinkers!  The folks who submit album titles I use will get an exclusive desktop that will be sure to please just about anyone.  It’s a surprise, but you’ll love it I know.

Eye Patch Contest Form

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“Sports” by Huey Lewis and the News was a solid album and had it’s share of hits and MTV videos as well.  I was duped into buying the follow up album and have not gone back to Mr. Lewis and the News since.  But, this was one good album and worth the torture of their follow up.