Happy Birthday to me… Oh, yeah, bolt on the handle bars to the headboard and go for a RIDE!

Been an interesting week, but here’s a good story for once!  Wednesday had the makings of being a rotten day.  Woke with a raging sore throat (that my youngest rug-rat gave me) and just feeling kinda icky.  BUT… even though I had to put up with snotty people early, the day turned perfect by the afternoon.  I get this nice Twitter from the folks who make Manga Studio EX, the drawing software I use to create 1977.  They had just started following me and they commented they liked the comic (of course!).  They asked what version I was using and in passing I told them Version 3 but wanted Version 4 (latest) but didn’t  have the cash.  A tiny bit later I get this email from a Marketing person from the makers of Manga Studio saying since I was turning 53, was  using their software and writing tutorials how about a FREE Version 4?

I wet myself.  I don’t win stuff or often even get stuff like this, so it was a real shocker to me.  So anyway, in the next email was the download link and serial number.  Hot damn! So, today’s comic is the first with the new version.  Took me just a bit to adjust to the new ways of doing things, but WOW is the thing packed with goodies.  I even inked the comic faster.  See if you notice a difference… it’s subtle but the inking style is different.  Mainly the lines are looser and vary in thickness better.

So, the moral is ADVERTISE you frakkin’ birthday or you won’t get anything!  Also, nice people do win on occasion!

In fine Wilkins tradition, I give you Bud praying to the Porcelain Goddess as I did WAY too many times back in 1977.  A fitting birthday comic if there ever was one.  Never slept away a weekend, but did miss a FINAL exam on the last day of my sophomore year at ISU.  Explain that one to the instructor.  🙂

“I Don’t Like Mondays” Boomtown Rats, 1979 from “The Fine Art of Surfacing”. And I’m sure Bud does NOT like Mondays at the moment…