So, how many more times will Bud have to endure this mystical spell?  Or is he 50 years old taking Quaaludes to “chill out”?  Time will tell.

I wanted to update my rendition of the “Hulk-out” scene and had a great time doing that.  I SOOO wanted to colorize him green, but alas I hate lawsuits…  I also wanted to do the famous cartoon trick of zipping out of a scene and leaving the character’s silhouette in dust behind them.  I’m a huge fan of Chuck Jones and he did these perfectly, especially in Road Runner cartoons.

Led Zeppelin’s first album, released in 1969, was my introduction to the heavier side of rock and roll.  I had grown up on 60s pop music (Beatles, Beach Boys, etc.), but Led Zeppelin was a whole different beast.  I was a much bigger fan of Led Zeppelin II, but today have a much greater appreciation for the music on the first album.  My short attention span generally does not allow me to actually listen to songs over 8 minutes (like today’s comic title), but the blues riff at the beginning and end keeps me hangin’ on through all the middle stuff.  Plus, it starts off with that great bass line… John Paul Jones was one of my bass heroes along with John Entwistle, Roger Glover and Paul McCartney.