Major Plug:

I know, I hate when PBS interrupts things to ask for money… so I’ll keep it brief.  I printed a new version of the “Road Trip” comic book.  It’s really nice and a lot cheaper than the Graphic Novel version I had made.  So, spare a “sawbuck” ($10) and help keep the comic running. Thank you!


I had two major musical influences in my life: my older sisters who listened to 60s AM radio with the likes of Jan & Dean, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, etc. AND my Mother who listened to Classical music all the time.  My first memories of music was the “Peer Gynt Suite” by Greig.  I’ve used “In the Hall of the Mountain King” more than once in the comics over the years.  Then as I grew up, my Mom started me on her clarinet.  So I’ve performed in Concert Bands and many Orchestras over the years and this stuff rocks in its own way.

True head bangers know Classical music was the Heavy Metal of its time. Imagine folks use to going to a concert with these tiny little string quartets playing on and on to suddenly be hit with the likes of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky with these massive orchestras with 60, 70 or 100 pieces in them! It would have blown their powdered wigs right off.  Too bad they didn’t have cigarette lighters back then for when the orchestra finished…

I’m more into full blown symphonies by the likes of Tchaikovsky or Dvorak, but Wagner has a warm spot in my heart as he was used by Chuck Jones in the classic Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?” So, I’ve included the original overture and a portion of the cartoon below!  Kill the Wabbit!



BUT! For you rockers, how about a little red rocker Sammy Hagar and “Heavy Metal”.  Sure, why not… 🙂