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Those cocktail wieners won’t be around long. Seems Bud and Robyn put the pot field they found last week to some good use. They may never want to leave now.

I know mini-hot dogs as Vienna Sausages, but I have found that if I use a brand name I know, that the brand may be only a Midwest brand. Besides, wieners is a funnier word. Note the manufacture of the cocktail wieners is Von Wieners. Someone has to have that name, you’d think.

One of my favorite Rolling Stones tunes and fits rather well as Jeff is building a shelter this week. Off of the 1969 album release “Let It Bleed”, “Gimme Shelter” was originally labeled “Gimmie Shelter” on the album, but ever since everyone, including the Stones, have referred to it as “Gimme Shelter”. Trivia for your Monday.