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A little visual treat for you all today as I break with the normal 6-panel format and go for something a bit more creative. I’m catching you up that it has been 10 days now and they’re all getting a little ragged around the edges, both physically and mentally. Bud to the rescue as he starts fishing. More fishing fun on THURSDAY as I catch us up for the three weeks I was out of commission. I’m feeling better and hope to keep it that way now that the nice weather has finally come into full bloom here in the Midwest.

From 1979, I give you”Fish Heads.” The song’s film was shot and directed by Bill Paxton. Yes, THAT Bill Paxton. The song was recorded by duo “Art and Artie Barnes” who in reality were Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy. And yes, that’s former child actor Billy Mumy, who played Will Robinson in “Lost In Space.” I don’t know what these three were smoking, but the song and film are so odd, it has become a cult classic. Luckily, I don’t belong to any cults, so I’m not a real fan of the song. But, if you can stomach it for 4:30 minutes, you’re in for a real sonic and visual treat. I’d light one up before viewing for best results.

Now, for a real rock song with a fish in the title is Heart’s “Barracuda” which would be one of the songs I’d have to have if I were ever stuck on a desert island.