Greetings all! I’m still alive. But have had quite a year thus far, so let me give you a quick update.

On June 1st I suffered a mini-stroke, also called a T.I.A., and it landed me in the hospital for two days. The lucky thing is that it was not a full-on stroke. It was a warning shot that my health was deteriorating. The heart doctor said “the next will be a big one” and that’s all I needed to hear. Since June 1st, I’ve lost over 25 pound, eat a heart-healthy diet, and walk every day at least 30-45 minutes. The diet is rather simple: Nothing canned or pre-made. Only fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables. No more Mountain Dew. Big change for me, and a needed one.

Then just two weeks ago I somehow tore the retina in my right eye. Not sure how, but I had laser surgery to repair it. I follow up with eye doctor tomorrow and find out if things are healing okay or not.

The bottom line is I survived what could have been a much worse medical situation. The year before June 1st was filled with getting my youngest son registered in the NASCAR Technical Institute as he wants to build engines for NASCAR. He moved out in March to start school. Then my last son at home moved to Florida in April. He’s a successful hair stylist and found himself a nice gig in southern Florida. So you can see my year has been full of a lot of stuff. As of now, my wife and I have spent a great deal of time redecorating the house as we prepare to sell it soon and move to Statesville, North Carolina. 

I have just now started to draw again. I’ve been unable to due to a lot of reasons, mostly anxiety and my depression raging in my head. Now that I have better control of my health and life, drawing will return. I’m already do some art gigs and will return to 1977 as soon as is feasible. No predictions, but when I do come back, the story will be done and ready for release, thus I’ll avoid any delays like I saw this year. 

Thanks for hanging around, and I’m sorry for the radio silence, but I do think you all can understand. I hang out on Twitter from time to time, and that’s a good judge of what’s going on with me. Stop by and say “hi” over there. My Twitter handle is “TR1Byron” and will chat when I’m around and able.