If you have never heard Cheech and Chong’s first album you’re missing one of the great stoner comedy albums of all times.  Of course, how many stoner comedy albums are there that WEREN’T from Cheech and Chong?  Right.  So, we will meet Dave on Monday.  Stand by for action…

Edit: The ERA Lorraine is referring to is the Equal Rights Amendment that gained much momentum in the ’70s.  It’s purpose was this: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”  Women wanted the same rights as men in the job place mostly.  In the ’70s the New York Times posted Jobs for Men, which were mostly management positions, and Jobs for Women, which were mainly secretarial positions.  The Constitutional Amendment missed being ratified by 3 states, Illinois being one of them that did not ratify the ERA.  The ERA could still be ratified as essentially there’s no time limit on Amendments (there is but there’s ways around them).  Now you know… A hip young woman of the ’70s like Lorraine who doesn’t wear a bra would be a supporter (pun intended) of the ERA.

So, if you don’t know Check and Chong’s “Dave” routine, it’s only 1:30 minutes long, just click play and prepare to laugh.