I’m showing my age a bit here (as that’s never happened before) with the Miss Kitty reference, but who else showed our 50s/60s western lawmen a good time?  Damn straight, Miss Kitty.

Bud and Lily will be at a comic convention this week.  1977 was a year for a couple big conventions, most notably it’s the year the New York Comic Con was NOT in New York.  In celebration of my first comic convention appearance this weekend, I had to have my gang tag along.

I’m also bending the rules a tad by featuring a Deborah (Debby) Harry song from 1989.  Now, it’s not totally off, as she was in Blondie in the 70s, so her material is fair game.  But, how could I NOT use this song to kick off comic convention week?  That’s right…  As a bonus, I am tossing in the William Tell Overture as well for you Lone Ranger fans!

Deborah Harry – Comic Books (from 1989’s Def, Dumb & Blonde)

William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme)