Don’t hate me because I’m pretty…”  Lots more Lorraine coming up in the next comic, so get ready for that.  You Members will of course have the option of getting the NSFW version, so lucky you.

Inks and Colors now completed.  Lorraine’s eyes are a hint to what’s coming.  Never piss off a naked woman.  No new comic not  until next Monday… the week is just too full.  Sorry.

Badfinger with a Paul McCartnery written and produced song.  Can tell by the prominence of the bass line.  I’ve read where McCartney hated being stuck on bass in the Beatles but he sure does write a lot of songs based heavily on, well, the bass.  I don’t mind.



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  1. Mark, Lorraine's next Boyfriend

    Now THIS is the 1977 comic I have come to know and love! You are back in your witty, wild wonderful ways of doing things, Byron, and anything that has more Lorraine, (and has her NSFW) is aces in my book!

    • Byron

      Then you shall enjoy the next comic indeed… 😛

  2. Deris

    Now there’s some shock and awe!

    • Byron

      More to come… 😛

  3. Dave

    Ha! Oh well done, Byron. The bad guy stumbles, Jeff show’s he’s got some smooth moves, and finishing with a funny bit.

    My favorite part, though is Jeff’s response in the first panel. I love it, and on a personal level I love the fact that Jeff’s open to playing for the other team once in awhile. Thanks, Byron. 🙂

    • Byron

      The 1977 gang, much like their creator, will try just about anything once…

      Be surprised what a few beers will do to you…

  4. “I’m a crook! What did you expect?”

    I love that line! 🙂

    I was robbed once by someone I didn’t even know was robbing me. I mean, I knew he was a bad guy gangsta, but I didn’t think he’d turn on ME! 😀

    • Byron

      “What?! You want MY money?” Not a good conversation to have…

      You and I have the same sense of humor, George. I need to so some comics for you!


  5. Satyrblade

    *laughs* Well, I’m a member, but I never figured out how to find the exclusive content once I signed in. Where does one go from there?

    • Byron

      Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids…

      Once logged in, go to the pages that are UNDER the Join the Site page. Those pages can only be seen by a signed in Member. Plus, I send out emails on occasion asking if you all want to see something a tad NSFW. Those that say yes, get the goods. But most of the extra content is on those pages.

      • Satyrblade


  6. 3p4t

    See, here’s the thing … I’m a die-hard Robyn fan. But Im’a feel a bit ,,,uherm …. inspired with such an eyefull of Lorraine. Does that make me a switch-hitter for the other team? 😀 (asifI’dever have a chance with either!) 😉

    No apologies accepted from you, dude. You’re doin’ what you’re doin’ and its all good. Much grassi! 🙂

    • Byron

      Lorraine has her… assets that make her appealing to all types of folks. It’s like the debate between who was hotter… Maryann or Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. Me: Maryann. I know first hand corn-fed girls are hotter than hell. To quote the Beach Boys “Midwest farmer’s daughters make you feel alright…” And that they do…

  7. Oh boy Lorraine does not look happy.

    • Byron

      We’ve only seen Lorraine get irritated once or twice (she dumped hot coffee on Jeff’s crotch once) so it will be a nice change up to see what our hot-blooded Italian rock chick has in store for Dave.

  8. Dave

    Okay, I admit I’m slow to just notice this, but nice job, Byron, not only making out that Dave’s a crook, but that he’s a sexist, little weasel, too. As we saw in the last comic, Lorraine’s got the money, but this here Dave just automatically assumes that it’s going to be a guy with the cash for this deal.

    • Byron

      I don’t know… I think Dave was just looking at Jeff’s butt and saw the extra cash he’s carrying for Lorraine. We all know women with big boobs keep all type so things in their cleavage… cash just being one of the obvious items. Keep it clean guys…

      So, Dave is just being a good business man and getting his cash up front. Now, whether he delivers or not is another story.

  9. Ah, Jeff. Those smooth fightin’ moves must be inherited via his Viking genes 😀

    So…where’s Lorraine’s wire now?

    • Byron

      Toon in Monday to find out… 🙂

      • You know I always do 😀

      • BTW I have to say that Lorraine’s expression in the penultimate panel is absolutely priceless. Even more priceless than her hands and tits. And that’s saying a LOT 🙂

  10. Leon

    Smooth, Dave, real smooth.
    I’m serious, pulling a stunt like that takes real skill.

    • Byron

      Especially with his eyes closed! 🙂

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