I’m interrupting Lorraine’s work story just for a bit… she returns on Monday!

A very good friend of mine and fellow webcomic creator Antoine Gagnon has been a bit under the weather of late and also gone through a few stressful things in life this year, so I wanted to do something to cheer him up.  Also, it’s his birthday next week, so I’ve included his two characters, Billy and Spike, from his webcomic “The Drunken Fools”.  Antoine is one of two Canadians I’ve become good friends with over the past year or so, and no matter what they say about Canadians, these guys are cool.  Antoine is also French Canadian and tons of fun to be around, plus he swears like a, well, drunken sailor and that’s tops in my book.  He was at C2E2 Comic Con in April and we spent a lot of time together as he saw the sites of Chicago.  He popped for one top-notch steak dinner too, so anyone who offers me free food is a friend for life.  Your tough luck, Antoine!  So, click here to go visit his website and say hello from 1977 the Comic!  He’ll probably swear at you… he’s French…


Ah, a little early ZZ Top for your Friday.  This one rocks you just right, and Billy Gibbons is one helluva guitarist.  This one is also kinda rare in that both Dusty Hill and Gibbons share the lead vocals.  Just a fun song and fits Antoine and I perfectly (well, when I was 20).