Praying to the porcelain-goddess was something I did way too much back in the late 70s.  The places I’ve hung my head would make you wanna, well, toss your cookies.  Bill Cosby said it best when talking about puking after drinking too much “You’d swear your shoes had come out of your mouth…”  Yes indeed.

Don’t often get to see the ladies the morning after, so here you go.  Robyn does everything to the maximum!  Oh, before someone comments about the ladies always going “commando” they’re just getting up, and I didn’t know too many women who slept commando (well, when sleeping alone).  We’ve kinda covered this before, so this is a friendly reminder.

Today’s title can have several meanings. One, Bud has signed a deal with the Devil and ominous things are on the horizon.  Or, simply you can see Robyn’s butt in the 3rd frame and it’s rising as nature recycles her beer.  Also, this song is most commonly mistaken for “Bathroom on the Right” and we end up in the ladies bathroom  Deep.

More TOMORROW as I make up for being an old fart over the weekend.  Later!

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