Now we’re in Bud’s natural environment. Welcome back to the Wrinkly Bison bar. The bartender now has a name: Dutch. This is the same guy who originally wouldn’t hire Plan 9 because there were chicks in the band. This goes WAY back. Also, “Wrinkly Bison” is an anagram for Byron Wilkins. I do shit like this all the time. Originally the name of the bar was “Swirly Kob Inn” another anagram of my name. But I wasn’t thrilled with that so I changed it to “Wrinkly Bison” as that seemed to fit better.

What’s next? I think Bud is ready to meet the Mystic Frog head-on. We’ll find out next week!

Van Halen’s first album was their best overall for sheer rockin’ with the core band. Not much in the way of keyboards or overdubs, just Van Halen raw pretty much. And since Budette is not talkin’ about love, what better song for today’s comic? I’m sure you’ll think of something.