It is with great pleasure that the new comic is up and the weekly exploits of the 1977 gang have returned in earnest.  S**t in my life has not changed much, but it’s tolerable.  To answer all of your questions: My wife is as fine as she can be and we both appreciate the good will you all passed on to us over the past few months.

So today starts the “1977 Again” storyline.  From this point forward you will see the gang, some what equally, in 1977 and in present time.  There’s a lot of stuff I’ve referenced over the years and it’s time this all comes out, and I couldn’t do it while stuck in 1977.  There are many stories from 1977 left to come, so fear not.

But let’s take today’s comic.  There are several clues here, mostly involving the pen in Bud’s hand.  Hmm…  Plus,  I had to use the Family Guy Star Wars poster in the background.  I use to place posters in the background of the comic and this is a nod to the old days.  There will be questions from  you all undoubtedly, and let’s just say they’ll be answered over the next few weeks.

Let me answer one for you: Am I going to do only one comic per week?  No.  I will attempt to do Mondays and Thursdays with the caveat  that if life bogs me down, I will miss Thursday and make it up over the weekend.  So, I’m going to do to TWO COMICS per week.  The main reason is I looked at what I was doing per page and I was cramming sometimes 9 to 12 panels per page, when the average is more like 4 to 7.  I was doing too much and that made it a daunting task to draw and produce.  Today’s comic was much easier to produce and I did it in a timely fashion, something I can wrap my head around.  I think I have my ducks in a row now.

You should notice a new font for the dialog.  About time.  Google “Blambot fonts” and go buy his stuff and download his free stuff.  As a comic artist, it’s a must.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!  At least until I run out of ideas… which for now is not likely.  Let’s rock this thing, man!

And a fitting way to kick off the new 1977 is to play some Kings!  I have cranked this song since 1980 when it released.  Finally got it on CD some years back.  Freakin’ cool song and deserves to played LOUD!