This is part two to the country frogs comic of Monday, but I had to put in my birthday comic on the correct day! LOTS of little things in this entry, look closely at the first couple panels!

Birthday School:
Well, thanks to Martin in the UK, I now know what type of beer those silly Brits drink warm: Ale! Yes, I vaguely knew what the differences between a lager and ale, but thanks to our little cultural exchange, I am fully versed and ready to take on a London pub! Cheers mate!

Second: My very talented editor herself introduced me to the word MONDEGREEN, which essentially means you misheard a song’s lyrics. “There’s a bathroom on the right…” instead of “There’s a bad moon out tonight…” Classic. Love the word and it shows you we really don’t learn shit in school… Plus, we both agree that Paul McCartney’s lyrics essentially suck. Great music, nonsense lyrics. Don’t believe me? Check out the lyrics to “Smile Away” from his “Ram” album. Silly at best, but a damn good rocker.