Today’s strip introduces the old 69 Chevy. Actually, she was only 8 years old when I got her, but she a had a lot of miles on her and I drove the beast really hard. Actually had it up to 110MPH on a brand new stretch of highway that had just been opened downstate near my hometown of Winchester and the accelerator was NOT all the way to the floor. I chickened out as I was not decked out like NASCAR drivers. Anyway, the good-ol’ 69 Caprice is introduced today as well as Bud’s kinkier side! 🙂

The comment “sleeps six” was a standard joke when I showed the car to people for the first time.  The comment referred to the car being so damn BIG!  The trunk would literally fit 3 or 4 people easily (great for smuggling into Drive-In movies in the day… Drive-Ins? Come on, I’m not the freakin’ old!).  The old 69 literally fell apart on highway I-55 at about 6:00am one chilly fall morning  in 1978 as I returned home for a doctors appointment.  The engine essentially fell out of the car and left a pile of parts on the highway behind me.  I had to walk about a mile to a farm house to make a collect call home for help.  Ah, if only we had cell phones… 🙂