For those of you not around in 1977 or for those of you who drank/smoked your 70’s memories away, the Ground Round was an establishment that tried to be a bar and a family restaurant in one.  What?  Well, it was the 70s. Anyway, the thing most people remember is tossing the peanut shells on the floor.  I played a Ground Round once and they had a TV blaring, a jukebox in another corner and upstairs was our little trio struggling to remember our songs. Nice.  I am sure more than one struggling musician in the Chicagoland area in the 70s has a Ground Round story.

“1977 the Comic” started life June 1st, 2007. As I experimented with styles and developed the characters, I put out comic strips as the idea hit me. All the while, I was developing back-story and characterizations as well as the presentation method I wanted to use. I hope you enjoy the new stories coming this year and beyond!

Edit: I did not start adding songs until later in the comic, but here’s a great Emerson, Lake & Palmer song that fits the bill: “From the Beginning.” Enjoy