Going through my collection of National Lampoon magazines from 1977, I came across this beauty of a rockin’ stereo system!  Only $169.95!  What a bargain!  I know a lot of crap products are made every year, but this one is killer.

A real product for “a person on the move”. Battery operated too!  Who could ask for more?  Yeah, you certainly could pick up chicks at a bar with this thing.  “Hey, I’ve got KC and the Sunshine Band’s new album in my car.  Wanna hear it?”  Imagine the look on her face when she realizes you *live* in your car.  “It’s only until I find a job…. Hey, where you going?”

Anyway, things like this came and went back in the day (and today) but I got a real kick out of this one.  Imagine the schmuck who thought he was getting a quality product… all in a briefcase!  God Bless America and Tone Control.

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