Reviewers suck.  Those who can’t, write reviews.  Love Lorraine’s innocent view of the world, which completely revolves around her.  I’m sure Plan 9 will get better reviews here soon.

Stick around for Friday as our favorite Irish/Catholic drummer gets a strip all to herself (thus why she’s not in today’s panels).

Members!  Last Friday’s alternate comic is on the NSFW page and it’s the Full Monty, so tread carefully.

(Edit: I changed the review text as the first version wasn’t all that bad. Now it’s plain the reviewer hates the group. Thanks for the input!  Plus, I updated the amp as it sucked before.)

Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” is a really fun tune that shows rock music isn’t always about sex, drugs and rock and roll.  Sometimes, it’s Sci-Fi and this one proves it amply.