If you do not know Charlie Daniels’ 1979 hit “Devil Went Down To Georgia” then the third panel makes no freakin’ sense at all.  Go listen to the song then come back and laugh!

Holy Crap! What a week.  As I write this, 1977 has a44 vote lead, but another 9 hours of voting is left.  So, we’ll see how it goes. UPDATE: Wow! Good news everyone! We took FIRST PLACE by two frakin’ votes! YES!  You can view the results by clicking here. Man, it was such a nail-biter!  Seems we nearly crashed the TGT website as the voting in the last 20 minutes of voting slammed his server.  I’m impressed we did such a good job!  I will plan on have done a nice Pin-Up of Lorraine for you all.  It will be NSFW, so I’ll do an “R” version as well.  You may view it at my deviantART Gallery by clicking this text. You will have to log-in to deviantART to see the NSFW version, sorry.  The “R” version is for all to see.  Seems kids like to troll DA for nude pictures.  Who knew? :)

1st Place – Episode 32 – Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic (50%, 493 Votes)

1st Place – Episode 32 – Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic (50%, 493 Votes)

Also, second week in a row that I’ve pumped out FIVE daily comics for you all.  No, I doubt I can keep this up.  The flame thrower story was too much fun to stretch out over two weeks, so I crammed it in last week.  Plus, we got to the hot devil much faster too!

Next: California and all the debauchery it is famous for… especially those folks down in San Diego! Oh, you rock for sure… :)

Man, today’s title is ALL about Ray Charles.  Now, admitedly he is not my style of music normally, but what a talent!  Good God, he’s amazing.  BUT it is Willie Nelson’s 1978 version of today’s comic title that gives me the official 70s tie-in!  Snuck that one in under the wire!

Have a great weekend, and if 1977 wins, I’ll do something special for you all.  Maybe one of those “pin-up” drawings you all seem to want Lorraine to do… we’ll see.  My 12 year old can hardly stand it  when I draw her with her clothes on…