A little fire to start your week off just right.  I know I need something to get me going right about now.

Long weekends wear me out.  I started on last Wednesday traveling for over 12 hours round trip to pick up my oldest son’s new (used) car.  I got a “Thanks, Dad” at least out of  him.  Then of course Thanksgiving stuff, then hanging lights on the house, installing hand rails for my wife, and everything else under the sun and I’m one worn out old fart.

You Members, I have the alternate version of last week’s comic done.  Email me and you’ll get it.  I’m looking at a way to separate the more… revealing content from everything else.  I may have a solution in the near future that will make it much easier on all of you Members.

Deep Purple’s “Burn” was not a favorite of mine.  I’m a HUGE Ian Gillan fan and when he wasn’t on this album, I was more than turned off.  In fact, “Burn” was the last Deep Purple album I bought.  Anyway, a little more burning to get your Monday started.